We have all different feet, naturally or by accident, or ski boots are made in identical pairs and according to the criteria of each brand. It is logical to have to customize them to obtain the best comfort while skiing.

First we help you to buy your ski boots based on the anatomy of your feet we know analyze: feet long and thin, short and stocky, flat or arched, inactive, footballer, dancer, runner. Then, after the first ride you give us your impressions and we refine the settings together.

To avoid suffering in your shoes it is important to bring together the following elements:
- Suitable footwear
- Specific soles to facilitate the alignment of the body and the stability of the foot
- Efficient, comfortable and breathable socks

If you already have your equipment and you are suffering, we will be able to bring you the solution. It is not normal to endure pain in the feet while skiing, there is always a solution.

The main problems that we solve every winter


These problems are the most common, but there are many others.
We know them and bring a specific solution for each of them.