We have all different feet, naturally or by accident, and ski boots are made in identical pairs and according to the criteria of each brand. It is logical to have to customize them to obtain the best comfort while skiing.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

First we help you to buy your ski boots based on the anatomy of your feet which we know how to analyze: long and thin, short and stocky, flat or arched, inactive, footballer, dancer or runner. Then, after the first ride you give us your impressions and we refine the settings together.

To avoid suffering in your shoes it is important to bring together the following elements:

  • - suitable shoes
  • - specific soles to facilitate body alignment and foot stability
  • - high-performance, comfortable and breathable socks

If you already have your equipment and you are suffering, we will be able to offer you a solution. It is not normal to endure pain in your feet while skiing, there is bound to be a solution.

The main problems that we solve

Bootfitting Val Thorens


A pain on this part of the foot is often characterized by cramps, feet are the basis of the body and support your weight, the arch of the foot is stretched, cramps may occur. The adaptation of your boots will prevent this phenomenon.

Bootfitting Val Thorens


When the temperature decreases and your boots are unsuitable or too tight, they cause bad circulation of the blood. Sensitivity to cold is also an important element. Our in-store solutions will correct this problem.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

Painful shins

In every day life , your shins are never supporting you as much as when in ski boots. Because of this unusual position, your body and your sensitivity may be the cause of this pain.

Bootfitting Val Thorens


We have a solution against friction and moisture which causes blisters.

Bootfitting Val Thorens


The pain may be varied and have various causes. We analyze your feet to determine the cause of your pain and treat it.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

Painful knees

Misalignment of the feet, knees and hips can cause severe pain in the knees. We can correct this alignment.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

Hallux valgus

Often called the onion, this foot deformity can be painful in a boots poorly adapted. We adapt boots to your morphology.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

Pain on the medial malleolus

Your malleolus are subjected to pressure and friction, depending on your body (legs arched, x, flat or arched foot...) you can feel pain. The adaptation of boots will remove this pain.

Bootfitting Val Thorens

Painful metatarsal heads

The constant pressure on the front of the foot, or a narrower shoe can be the cause of such pain. Our solutions in store will relieve you.

These problems are the most common, but there are many others. We know them and have a specific solution for each of them.

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